Quran Burning In Sweden

We present no other argument other than the word of the Almighty God to prove our respect towards all religions.

While describing the qualities of a muslim Allah says in the Quran  “…and who believe in what has been revealed to you (O Prophet) and what was revealed before you, and have sure faith in the Hereafter.”

Quran [2:4]

Freedom Of Speech?

The Freedom to Express: or The License to Hurt

An Allegory of the West and the Rest

Freedom and that too of expression as an ideal has fascinated and mesmerized the West for sometime. We have remained obsessed with the notion for quite some time now and have managed to take quite a few liberties in the name of freedom. The concept, however, to many deserves an unlimited application but of course with restricted and selective scope. Freedom in this sense is a prerogative of the West but not of the Rest. Freedom rather than bringing along responsibility in such circumstances gets people the license to hit even beyond the regions where others’ noses start. In The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates, the English poet John Milton (1608–1674) writes “None can love freedom heartily, but good men; the rest love not freedom, but license.” What the ‘rest’ do not understand is that freedom is not to tell people to do what they do not want to do and to hear what they do not want to hear or show people what they do not want to see. The blasphemous elements claim that they have the right to give vent to their feelings, ‘imagination’, and thoughts. The recent sacrilegious and profane tendencies against Islam are deeply rooted in the political, cultural, religious, military, and economic abysses the Muslims have allowed themselves to fall in. Whether it be Rajpal, Rushdie, irreverent individuals in Denmark, self-styled American priests, or the present psychopathic individuals in Europe, the essence of all relates to the Western desire to exploit the weaknesses of the Muslims in the name of freedom of speech or the freedom of media and hurt their emotions to the extent that their sound judgment is impaired. They are left with no option but to react even if it involves setting on fire their own beds to put an end to the bugs.


Islamophobic incidents in last 20 years

There were 950 attacks reportedly on Muslims and mosques in Germany in 2017, according to new government figures.

In Spain, more than 500 Islamophobic incidents were recorded in the same year, including incidents against women and children and several mosques, according to a civil society group.

According to Human Rights Careers, 10 Human Rights Issues Of The Future

  • Human trafficking. Human trafficking is growing around the world. …
  • Refugee crises. …
  • Worker rights. …
  • Gender equality. …
  • LGBTQ+ rights. …
  • Human rights and technology. …
  • Nationalism. …
  • Attacks on journalists and the spread of misinformation.
  • Responding to climate change
  • A more effective UN and commitment to human rights

We have decided to try to put an end to this hatred!

Adnan Sharif

Saad Khalid

Dr. Gibrail Islam

We at World Peace have come together with a mission to fight against the growing issue of Islamophobia around the world. This prejudice against Muslims has resulted in discrimination, hate crimes, and even violence. We believe that the legal system can play a vital role in combating this problem. To achieve this, we are taking the issue to courts and advocating for a law to be implemented internationally that prohibits Islamophobia, just as there are laws against Holocaust denial.

To make our efforts successful, we have gathered funds from supporters who believe in our cause. We have also signed up with a qualified lawyer who will help us fight this battle legally. Our goal is to create a more tolerant and inclusive world where all individuals, regardless of their religious beliefs, can live without fear or discrimination. Join us in this fight against Islamophobia and make a positive change in the world.

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We are proud of our commitment to transparency and accountability. We believe that this is crucial to building trust with our supporters and making a real impact on this issue. So rest assured that your contributions are being used responsibly and ethically. Join us in our fight against Islamophobia and help us create a better, more tolerant world.

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